Welcome to Fluid Philosophy! Here you will find hand-blown glass and wheel thrown ceramics by Andy Rock  (Minneapolis, MN). You can view my recent work, as well as view videos and photos with descriptions of Andy at work in the Studio. Please spend some time with me, and let me know if you have any questions, or ideas for a unique piece of work. I hope your visit to our site is inspiring, entertaining and informative.

What We Offer

Fluid Philosophy maintains a selective inventory involving a wide variety of products including light fixtures, decorative glass bowls and vases, ceramic mugs and pitchers, glass goblets, wedding specialty items and many more!

If you cannot seem to find what you are looking for, we also custom make almost any concept so you can realize your end product without having to choose from a large pre-made warehouse!

Here are some examples:

Unity Ceremony Glass

Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life! Let us make something one of a kind for you to remember your special day!


Custom Chandeliers of all sizes made to order.

Memorial Glass

Memorial glass pieces are made with love containing the ashes of your loved ones.

Wildlife Sculptures

One of a kind Blown Glass Fish and other unique animal sculptures.

Custom Mother’s/Family Pendants 

Custom Pendant to represent your family! Perfect Mother’s Day Present!

Artist Collaborations

Working with other artists to create beautiful pieces together!


Beautifully crafted light fixtures to make any light in any room unique.

Decorative Glass

Glass statement pieces, must have for anyone with personality.

Functional Glass

Water Glasses, Wine Glasses, Drinking Horns and More!


Hand crafted bowls, chip and dip settings, mugs, and more!


Artist Statement:

Glass behaves as a simple fluid when heated.  It provides infinite possibility of shapes with limitless constraints.  It induces all the elements of nature; wind, water, fire and earth.  The challenge is to control the movement and expansion of the shape. I have a fluid philosophical approach to making my pieces and developing their shapes. My understanding of how to tame the elements and bring them into harmony and balance with each other really comes through as an individual statement in each piece. I approached glass blowing as a physical battle where the challenge was to get the piece finished. Blowing glass seems to dance on the end of the pipe with the colors shining and glowing as we blow and turn and shape and sculpt. My understanding of gravity and motion are constantly challenged both mentally and physically when working with glass.  Mentally there is so much to focus on and keep in mind at one time, images of curves and color patterns along with the process to achieve them.  Physically the glass moves the way it wants to, based on its heat, thickness, shape, and the speed and angle of rotation it’s being turned at.  All these come into play and are used to inspire the philosophy behind my pieces.

About Andy:

Andy Rock is a local Artist that currently lives in Plymouth, MN with his wife, Kacy and his four kids; Colin, William, Addilyn and Freya. Andy blows glass at the Minnesota Center for Glass Arts, in Minneapolis where he rents studio space. In 2001 he took a  glass blowing course at Anoka Ramsey Community College but mostly he has taught himself and worked with other artist. He makes both decorative and functional pieces in a variety of colors and prices. In addition to glass blowing Andy has been working with ceramics since 1999, and has his ceramics studio set up in his home.


Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our products, services, or anything else that you may need help with. Please use the following communication methods:

Business Manager – Kacy Rock

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