Unity Ceremony Glass

Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life, let us make something truly one of a kind for you to remember your special day!

Our Glass Unity Ceremony is similar to the traditional sand ceremony, with our unique ceremony the couple or family combines small pieces of colored glass during their ceremony. After the ceremony, return the combined glass to us and we use it to make the final piece(s) that you have selected! Visit our Etsy Shop to Purchase!

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How it works:

•You start by picking your colors.

•You pick the final piece(s) that you want us to make you. (prices include shipping)

•We send you the colored glass pieces. Unity Ceremony packages include 2 colors, you will receive 1 cup of each color. (*5 Ornament package includes 2 colors, 1/2 cup of each color)

•You combine the colored glass at your wedding. (Clear glass vessels used at wedding are NOT included but several inexpensive clear glass options can be found at most craft, home or dollar stores!)

•After the wedding you send us back the colored glass. (cost of shipping back to us is not included, typically costs approximately $10)

•Then we make your one of a kind piece. It can take approximately 2-8 weeks after we receive your colors back for you to get your finished piece.

Click HERE for Color Inspiration!!

Unity Heart $300-$400

Our signature Unity Heart Sculpture is available as either 6″ or 8″ tall. Each Heart is approximately 6″ wide.

6″ – $300


Unity Twist $300-$400

This beautiful Unity Twist Sculpture is available as either 8″ or 10″.

8″ – $300

10″ – $400

Ribbon Heart $300

This beautiful solid glass Heart has Ribbons of your Unity Glass Colors streaking throughout.

Approximately 6″ Tall

Ornaments Packages $190-$290

Keep them all for yourself or share this beautiful reminder of your special day with family and friends! Each ornament is unique and approximately 4″ inches in diameter.

10 Ornaments – $300

5 Ornaments* – $200

*5 Ornament package includes 2 colors,  1/2 cup each

Dozen Rose Vase $320

This vase is the perfect size to fit a dozen roses!

Height: 8″ Width: 5.5″ Base: 5″ Top: 5.5″

Small Vase $320

This vase is perfect for a bouquet of flowers or on its own, a beautiful reminder of your special day!

Height: 12″ Width: 5.5″ Base: 3.5″ Top: 5.5″

Footed Vase $360

Beautiful blown glass vase, with a clear blown glass foot!

Height: 8″ Width: 6″ Base: 6″ Top: 6″

2 Stemless Wine Glasses $290

2 Stemless Glasses that you can use daily!

Approx. Length: 4.5″ Diameter: 3.5″

Wine Glasses $360 

The perfect wine glasses to toast to your wonderful lives together!

Height: 8″ Width: 3.5″ Base: 3.5″

Wine Set $460

The Wine set adds a beautiful decanter to the 2 wine glasses!

Decanter – Height: 12″ Base: 8″Top: 2.25″

Unity Bowl $360-$500 

This beautiful blown glass bowl makes a wonderful accent piece for any table or counter to be a gorgeous reminder of your special day!

Small (Diameter: 8″) $360

Large (Diameter: 14″) $500

Decorative Plate $360 – $480

This Decorative Plate is a beautiful accent piece whether you have it flat on a table, use a plate stand to stand it up on a shelf or have it hanging on the wall!!

Small (approx. 8″) – $360

Large (approx. 14″) – $480

Add On Items:

We send more glass than is necessary for making a single item, we have several “add on” items that you can purchase for additional reminders of your wedding day!

Add On Item – Ornament $20 each Approximately 4″ in diameter

Add On Item – Paperweight $20 each Approximately 4″ in diameter

Add On Item – Cork Jar $20 Approximately 4″ Tall

Add on Item – Unity Flower $50 each Approximate Length: 8″ Width: 6″

Add on Item – Stemless Wine Glasses $50 each Approx. Length: 4.5″ Diameter: 3.5″

Add on Item – Pendant $40 Approx. 1-2.5″ (Chain Not Included)

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