Artist Statement:

Molten glass behaves as a simple fluid with the most intriguing characteristics. It provides infinite possibility of shapes with limitless constraints. It induces elements of wind, water, fire, earth and gravity together in a creative process as taxing as it is fulfilling. The challenge is to control the movement and expansion of the material utilizing all the elements in a harmonious process. The physical stress and mental fatigue coupled in a demanding environment commands my attention and imagination like nothing else. Glass never stops moving from the first gather to the last flash. There is so much to focus on all at once it demands the mind and body to work together as one. I have strived to develop a fluid philosophical approach that is open to mistakes, adaptation and change allowing for space to grow. The energy imparted into my work forged by interacting with the elements shines as an individual statement in each piece.

About Andy:

Andy Rock is a Glass Artist that currently lives in Plymouth, MN with his wife and their 4 children. In 2001 he took a glass blowing course at Anoka Ramsey Community College but mostly he has taught himself and learned by working with other artists. He makes both decorative and functional pieces in a variety of sizes, colors and prices; anywhere from 5-foot-tall chandeliers to 3-inch paperweights and everything in between. In addition to glass blowing Andy is a ceramic artist, welder and woodworker, and makes many multimedia sculptures using his variety of skills.